Three days at the FHL

The last three days were intensive, but fascinating. I had prepared for my research time at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City by reviewing the family lines that needed more information (basically all of them) and looking up some of the films that might be helpful. Using Evernote, I tagged census images and notes on research questions so that I could easily turn to them on the iPad when I needed to. I was determined to take notes avoiding paper as much as possible.
This approach worked much better than last year’s, when I came home with a full handwritten notebook to transcribe. However, it still falls short of what I would like to have in a research app. I was able to review my advance notes and flip over to my tree in Reunion pretty well. I made new notes as I discovered things and I captured images in snapshot notes with my iPhone. But it was too tempting to use paper for what I call thinking notes – new film numbers and new questions that came up as I worked. I will still have to transcribe these, especially to note films I viewed but which didn’t produce any useful information. As I spend the next three days at RootsTech, I’ll be looking for opportunities to try out any new app that may do the job better. Or maybe it’s out there already?

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