Day One of RootsTech Week in SLC

It seemed to take forever to get from Owen Sound to Salt Lake City, but that was partly because I did an overnight stop in Toronto. It wasn’t essential, but it allowed me to visit family and make sure that the forecast snow squalls didn’t get in the way. On the way from the SLC airport in the hotel shuttle, another passenger remarked that he expected I’d be at the Family History Library as soon as it opened Monday morning, as he was planning. I said no, I thought I’d be still recovering from the trek to get here.
I was wrong. With jet lag in my favour, I was up and finished a hearty breakfast in time to open the doors at 8 am. Being here for a second time meant that I knew where to start, but there is still a moment of panic when you contemplate all the resources you could delve into, and you realize you only have three days before RootsTech takes over your time. What’s more, Monday is early closing day at the FHL, so you only have until 5.
I reminded myself why I was there – to ENJOY my family history research – and then took out my notes to select my first batch of films to review. At 5, I packed up and left, with lots of new notes on discoveries and dead ends.

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