It’s catch up time!

Summer weather is finally here and my day job hours have become sensible again, so I can turn to catching up on the genealogy tasks I have put aside for months. I missed most of not one, but two, rounds of Thomas MacEntee’s Do-Over, but fortunately he is encouraging a third round, so there is lots of support for late starters like myself. I had a bit of a start on several parts of the do-over methodology since my initial effort last January. I waffled on the question of whether to completely set aside my database and start a new one, then spent some time exploring the software (Reunion) to see if I could easily work with more than one database (my old family file and a new one). This is important to me because I want to have a separate database, or possibly several, for my one-name study as well. It turns out that I can easily use multiple files and can even drag and drop sources from one to another.

Still to be dealt with: clearing physical work space for the do-over and the one-name study. I have a small office with every available surface covered and much of the floor piled with genealogy-related stuff. I won’t let that hold me back, though. I already spent most of a day last weekend on the one-name study. More on that in a future post.

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