Begin again, again

Stuck? Overwhelmed? Have you forgotten where you left off? There are lots of ways to restart your genealogy research, and there is no better time than now (in the northern hemisphere at least) during the cold grey days of winter. 

I tackled this problem in December by starting a new course from the National Institute for Genealogical Studies. I have done several of their courses in the past and found an advanced methodology course that I hadn’t done. The discipline of working through the reading and assignments is exactly what I needed to re-energize my interest in my own research. 

New tools can often where to buy prednisone in canada help you restart. Did you get a new scanner, camera or phone for Christmas? Give yourself time to learn how it works, then practice on your documents or artifacts until you feel comfortable with the features. Pretty soon you’ll be planning how to handle and file the new images, tying them to the ancestors in your family tree software.

Thomas MacEntee and Lisa Alzo are offering another option this month: Get Your Genealogy Groove Back Boot Camp. Sounds like an excellent and inexpensive way to rekindle that passion!

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