Taking the DNA Plunge

Well before RootsTech 2011, I was considering whether or when to get a genealogy DNA test done. I think it was at a Toronto Ontario Genealogical Society event that I first listened to an excellent presentation on new discoveries in the field. The presenters were so enthusiastic that I couldn’t help thinking that maybe the high cost was worth the potential expansion of my knowledge about my ancestry, or at least my geographical origins.

Since then, I followed up webinars and other presentations, including one at RootsTech 2012, to make sure I had enough information to confirm that it was worth it, to figure out which test to choose, and to select a vendor. I was fortunate to have a conversation at a dinner just after RootsTech 2012 with a project leader for FamilyTreeDNA. He filled in some gaps for me about the importance of group projects for furthering connections and sharing understanding that is possible with DNA information.

Then I took the plunge, sending for my testing kit from FamilyTreeDNA. In a future post, I’ll discuss the tests I selected and more about group projects.

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