RootsTech wrapped up

Brewster Kahle of Internet Archive fame kicked off the final day here in Salt Lake City with timely reminders about the value of personal histories and the great value of preserving and sharing them. The rest of the day’s sessions kind of riffed on that theme in interesting ways. An 1848 daguerreotype panorama held by the Cincinnati Library has given up secrets no one imagined thanks to modern microscopy. Patricia Van Skaik walked us through all that had been and will be done to protect and share it.
Lisa Louise Cook of Google for Genealogy did a step by step session on building a mini history tour in Google Earth.
And to end the day, we heard about the phenomenal project to digitize the newspaper, periodical and journal holdings of the British Library. As Curt Witcher said yesterday in his keynote, it’s the best of times to be a genealogist!
And now I’m off to the library.

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