Off to RootsTech tomorrow!

I had some great advice from a friend last week about my first trip to Salt Lake City this week. I’ve allowed a couple of extra days just for the Family History Library, but I know that time will pass way too quickly. Janet advised me to concentrate on books, rather than films, to get the most out of my time. So smart! I can request most films from home to my local FHC, but books and other buy neurontin overnight delivery non-circulating material will be my focus while I am on the spot.¬†With that in mind, I spent some time on the weekend compiling a list of books that might help my quest for more info about my focus family: my Gradwells of Birmingham and Kendal. I doubt they were important enough to interest any author specifically, but I hope to understand what their lives were like, as a poor Catholic family in 19th century England.

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