A Trio of 2011 Genealogy Goals

As a relative beginner in genealogy, I have lots of potential research goals. To work effectively, however, I need focused objectives. As in many other disciplines, the New Year is an ideal time to set new targets and fortunately there are experienced genealogists to guide me. Two of them, Denise Levenick and Amy Coffin, came up with a three-goal approach:

One Research Goal

One Organizational Goal

One Writing Goal

This is an excellent starting point for me. My research goal will be to verify and document my direct can i buy gabapentin over the counter in spain lines, starting with the Gradwells, then the Kembles, then the Pryors. My organizational goal? Get the photographs scanned, tagged and filed — I can follow the same priority order as the families. And my writing goal will be to work with my mother on her memoirs. She is doing the writing herself, but I’m sure I can help and support her in that effort. Of course, another writing goal that permeates all of these is to write this blog.

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