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Failsworth, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BROWN Ann Matilda  Abt 1837Failsworth, Lancashire, England I3740
2 CLOUGH Clarissa  1787Failsworth, Lancashire, England I2032
3 GILLIBRAND Alice  1849Failsworth, Lancashire, England I2854
4 GILLIBRAND Esther  Abt 1843Failsworth, Lancashire, England I2858
5 GRADWELL Alice  Abt 1778Failsworth, Lancashire, England I5124
6 GRADWELL Alice  1883Failsworth, Lancashire, England I3322
7 GRADWELL Arthur  Abt 1878Failsworth, Lancashire, England I3320
8 GRADWELL Emma  1865Failsworth, Lancashire, England I3315
9 GRADWELL Hannah  Abt 1786Failsworth, Lancashire, England I5249
10 GRADWELL Hannah  1871Failsworth, Lancashire, England I3317
11 GRADWELL Henry  1869Failsworth, Lancashire, England I3316
12 GRADWELL James  Abt 1801Failsworth, Lancashire, England I3549
13 GRADWELL James  Abt 1861Failsworth, Lancashire, England I3314
14 GRADWELL Jane  1853Failsworth, Lancashire, England I4448
15 GRADWELL John  Abt 1802Failsworth, Lancashire, England I5261
16 GRADWELL John  Abt 1802Failsworth, Lancashire, England I4759
17 GRADWELL John  Abt 1805Failsworth, Lancashire, England I3269
18 GRADWELL John  1857Failsworth, Lancashire, England I4752
19 GRADWELL John Arthur  30 Mar 1902Failsworth, Lancashire, England I5021
20 GRADWELL Mary Jane  Aug 1870Failsworth, Lancashire, England I4815
21 GRADWELL Mary Jane  1875Failsworth, Lancashire, England I3319
22 GRADWELL Matthew  Bef 1773Failsworth, Lancashire, England I2145
23 GRADWELL Matthew  Mar 1881Failsworth, Lancashire, England I3321
24 GRADWELL Milly  Abt 1781Failsworth, Lancashire, England I5122
25 GRADWELL Nancy  Abt 1802Failsworth, Lancashire, England I5126
26 GRADWELL Nanny (Nancy)  Abt 1801Failsworth, Lancashire, England I3335
27 GRADWELL Peter  Abt 1805Failsworth, Lancashire, England I3091
28 GRADWELL Peter  Abt 1805Failsworth, Lancashire, England I3327
29 GRADWELL Prudence  1873Failsworth, Lancashire, England I3318
30 GRADWELL Richard  Abt 1812Failsworth, Lancashire, England I2920
31 GRADWELL Robert  Oct 1860Failsworth, Lancashire, England I3344
32 GRADWELL William  Abt 1783Failsworth, Lancashire, England I5123
33 GRADWELL William  Abt 1820Failsworth, Lancashire, England I4650
34 LOCKETT Jane  Abt 1839Failsworth, Lancashire, England I3313
35 NUTTALL Hannah  Abt 1833Failsworth, Lancashire, England I4755
36 OAKELL Anne (Nancy)  Bef 1773Failsworth, Lancashire, England I2146
37 SMITH Elizabeth (Betty)  Abt 1811Failsworth, Lancashire, England I2074
38 SMITH Joseph  Abt 1775Failsworth, Lancashire, England I2797
39 WHITTAKER Nancy  Abt 1811Failsworth, Lancashire, England I2857
40 [GRADWELL] Mary  Abt 1806Failsworth, Lancashire, England I3270
41 [WOLSTENHOLME] Hannah  Abt 1785Failsworth, Lancashire, England I3035


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 GRADWELL Aaron  1845Failsworth, Lancashire, England I2092
2 GRADWELL Betty  1803Failsworth, Lancashire, England I2152
3 GRADWELL John  Jun 1798Failsworth, Lancashire, England I2147
4 GRADWELL Matthew  1811Failsworth, Lancashire, England I2151


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 GRADWELL Matthew  11 Feb 1811Failsworth, Lancashire, England I2151


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 NUTTALL Hannah  Abt 1835Failsworth, Lancashire, England I4755