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Wandsworth, London, England



Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADKINS Florence  Abt 1886Wandsworth, London, England I958
2 ADKINS Grace Elizabeth  1897Wandsworth, London, England I962
3 ADKINS Helen Charlotte  1884Wandsworth, London, England I957
4 ADKINS John  26 Mar 1844Wandsworth, London, England I880
5 ADKINS May  1893Wandsworth, London, England I960
6 ADKINS Minnie  1893Wandsworth, London, England I961
7 ADKINS Reginald Arthur  1888Wandsworth, London, England I959
8 CURRAN Florence Kathleen  Abt 1889Wandsworth, London, England I1601
9 GRADWELL Elaine Mary  1910Wandsworth, London, England I5421
10 KEMBLE Albert  14 Aug 1896Wandsworth, London, England I141
11 KEMBLE Alice  19 Feb 1883Wandsworth, London, England I135
12 KEMBLE Annie (Nance)  1 Oct 1886Wandsworth, London, England I137
13 KEMBLE Arthur Frederick  18 May 1899Wandsworth, London, England I144
14 KEMBLE Benjamin  18 Apr 1890Wandsworth, London, England I140
15 KEMBLE Edith (Sis)  26 Jan 1892Wandsworth, London, England I193
16 KEMBLE Ernest James  14 Aug 1888Wandsworth, London, England I139
17 KEMBLE Frank  22 Dec 1899Wandsworth, London, England I143
18 KEMBLE Hilda  20 May 1898Wandsworth, London, England I142
19 PRYOR Charles Joseph  1889Wandsworth, London, England I109
20 PRYOR Elsie Kate (Peg)  16 Sep 1912Wandsworth, London, England I29
21 PRYOR Leonard George  14 Apr 1915Wandsworth, London, England I1429
22 THORPE Charlotte  Abt 1859Wandsworth, London, England I6832
23 TREVERSH Augusta Elizabeth  Abt 1884Wandsworth, London, England I6864
24 TREVERSH Eileen Jenny  13 Aug 1907Wandsworth, London, England I188
25 TREVERSH Ellen Frances  Abt 1890Wandsworth, London, England I6867
26 TREVERSH Frank Barrington  13 Sep 1909Wandsworth, London, England I274
27 TREVERSH Frank Edward  1885Wandsworth, London, England I6865
28 TREVERSH Frederick Leonard  Nov 1902Wandsworth, London, England I1185
29 TREVERSH Leonard Charles  Abt 1888Wandsworth, London, England I6866
30 TREVERSH Winifred Alice  16 Jul 1905Wandsworth, London, England I186
31 WOOD Herbert George  Abt 1887Wandsworth, London, England I948


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 KEMBLE Alice  3 Sep 1884Wandsworth, London, England I135
2 KEMBLE Jane (Ginny)  3 Sep 1884Wandsworth, London, England I134
3 KEMBLE Nellie (Nana)  14 Mar 1883Wandsworth, London, England I22
4 KEMBLE Richard (Dick)  14 Mar 1883Wandsworth, London, England I133


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 ADKINS Edward Henry  1871Wandsworth, London, England I965
2 ADKINS Minnie (Annie) Sarah  Abt 1893Wandsworth, London, England I964
3 ADKINS Thomas Chapman  Sep 1866Wandsworth, London, England I875
4 KEMBLE Arthur Frederick  Jun 1899Wandsworth, London, England I144
5 KEMBLE Ernest James  1888Wandsworth, London, England I139
6 KEMBLE Frank  1900Wandsworth, London, England I143
7 KEMBLE George  30 Dec 1906Wandsworth, London, England I90
8 PRYOR Albert Newton  2 Dec 1923Wandsworth, London, England I23
9 RASON Jane  Mar 1903Wandsworth, London, England I655
10 ROWBOTTOM Angelina  Abt 1886Wandsworth, London, England I963
11 RULE Charlotte  Mar 1881Wandsworth, London, England I876
12 TINGAY Harriet  Mar 1877Wandsworth, London, England I657
13 WOOD Winifred  1891Wandsworth, London, England I949


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 THORPE Alice Eliza  3 Apr 1881Wandsworth, London, England I6831


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 ADKINS / BROOKER  Mar 1897Wandsworth, London, England F670
2 ADKINS / BROOKS  1884Wandsworth, London, England F639
3 ADKINS / GILBERT  1866Wandsworth, London, England F640
4 ADKINS / HENDEN  Dec 1895Wandsworth, London, England F667
5 ADKINS / SPANSWICK  24 Mar 1898Wandsworth, London, England F699
6 ADKINS / TIDY  Jun 1873Wandsworth, London, England F470
7 ADKINS / WELLS  1882Wandsworth, London, England F638
8 COGSWELL / ADKINS  Dec 1878Wandsworth, London, England F635
9 GRADWELL / SPRATT  31 Jul 1948Wandsworth, London, England F15
10 GREEN / ADKINS  1867Wandsworth, London, England F634
11 KEMBLE / JAMES  6 Jul 1887Wandsworth, London, England F469
12 PRYOR / HAMILTON  27 Apr 1905Wandsworth, London, England F64
13 TREVERSH / KEMBLE  1902Wandsworth, London, England F100
14 WHEELER / ADKINS  1877Wandsworth, London, England F636
15 WOOD / ADKINS  1885Wandsworth, London, England F637