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Manchester, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ASHWORTH Amelia  Abt 1865Manchester, Lancashire, England I5818
2 ASHWORTH Sarah Pearson  Abt 1854Manchester, Lancashire, England I2182
3 ATKINS Alfred  Abt 1852Manchester, Lancashire, England I3512
4 ATKINS George  Abt 1879Manchester, Lancashire, England I3513
5 BARDSLEY Caroline  Abt 1831Manchester, Lancashire, England I2480
6 BIRTLES Charlotte  1844Manchester, Lancashire, England I5633
7 BIRTLES Daniel  1842Manchester, Lancashire, England I5632
8 BIRTLES Emma  Mar 1837Manchester, Lancashire, England I5620
9 BIRTLES Esther  1839Manchester, Lancashire, England I5631
10 BIRTLES Hannah  1858Manchester, Lancashire, England I5634
11 BIRTLES William  Abt 1817Manchester, Lancashire, England I5621
12 BIRTLES William  Abt 1849Manchester, Lancashire, England I5638
13 BLADON Joseph  Abt 1838Manchester, Lancashire, England I3932
14 BOLDERSON Margaret  Abt 1856Manchester, Lancashire, England I4390
15 BROWN Ellen  Abt 1839Manchester, Lancashire, England I4561
16 CROWE Alfred  Abt 1873Manchester, Lancashire, England I3006
17 CROWE Phyllis  11 Nov 1906Manchester, Lancashire, England I3007
18 DABOUR Charlotte  Abt 1804Manchester, Lancashire, England I3015
19 DALE Hannah  Abt 1856Manchester, Lancashire, England I2062
20 DITCHFIELD Martha  Abt 1878Manchester, Lancashire, England I2909
21 FIELDING Fred  Abt 1874Manchester, Lancashire, England I3530
22 FIELDING Sydney  Abt 1876Manchester, Lancashire, England I3531
23 FIELDING Willie  Abt 1879Manchester, Lancashire, England I3532
24 FRANKLAND Edwin Grainger  Abt 1890Manchester, Lancashire, England I3535
25 FRANKLAND Hannah Elizabeth  Abt 1893Manchester, Lancashire, England I3536
26 GELLING Henry (Harry) Gradwell  Abt 1889Manchester, Lancashire, England I2790
27 GRADWELL Ada  Abt 1869Manchester, Lancashire, England I5910
28 GRADWELL Ada Elsie  1903Manchester, Lancashire, England I2872
29 GRADWELL Adam  Abt 1769Manchester, Lancashire, England I3092
30 GRADWELL Adelaide  1871Manchester, Lancashire, England I3839
31 GRADWELL Agnes  Abt 1893Manchester, Lancashire, England I5245
32 GRADWELL Albert  1898Manchester, Lancashire, England I5247
33 GRADWELL Albert Ernest  16 Oct 1854Manchester, Lancashire, England I2029
34 GRADWELL Alfred  Abt 1864Manchester, Lancashire, England I5372
35 GRADWELL Ann  1861Manchester, Lancashire, England I5383
36 GRADWELL Boadecia  1875Manchester, Lancashire, England I3841
37 GRADWELL Catherine (Kate)  Abt 1879Manchester, Lancashire, England I3775
38 GRADWELL Cephas  1872Manchester, Lancashire, England I2058
39 GRADWELL Charles  Abt 1823Manchester, Lancashire, England I3009
40 GRADWELL Charles  1876Manchester, Lancashire, England I3916
41 GRADWELL Charles William  11 May 1910Manchester, Lancashire, England I3302
42 GRADWELL Charlotte  Abt 1852Manchester, Lancashire, England I5408
43 GRADWELL Charlotte  1866Manchester, Lancashire, England I3663
44 GRADWELL Cornelius  1839Manchester, Lancashire, England I3939
45 GRADWELL Daniel  Abt 1834Manchester, Lancashire, England I3055
46 GRADWELL Daniel  1868Manchester, Lancashire, England I5755
47 GRADWELL David  Abt 1834Manchester, Lancashire, England I3016
48 GRADWELL David  1854Manchester, Lancashire, England I2159
49 GRADWELL David Taylor  Abt 1860Manchester, Lancashire, England I3817
50 GRADWELL Doris  1910Manchester, Lancashire, England I5415

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 GRADWELL George  18 Aug 1799Manchester, Lancashire, England I2114
2 GRADWELL John Garside  15 Jul 1838Manchester, Lancashire, England I2027
3 GRADWELL Sarah  21 Sep 1810Manchester, Lancashire, England I2430
4 GRADWELL Stephen  17 Jul 1808Manchester, Lancashire, England I5069
5 GRADWELL Susanna  13 Aug 1837Manchester, Lancashire, England I3486
6 GRADWELL Temperance Elizabeth  11 Apr 1841Manchester, Lancashire, England I4991
7 GRADWELL Thomas  7 Feb 1803Manchester, Lancashire, England I3485
8 GRADWELL Thomas  24 Apr 1836Manchester, Lancashire, England I4999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BEADEN Mary  1 Mar 1898Manchester, Lancashire, England I3880
2 GOOD Clarissa Elizabeth  Apr 1852Manchester, Lancashire, England I2084
3 GRADWELL Ellen Elizabeth  1861Manchester, Lancashire, England I4008
4 GRADWELL George  1867Manchester, Lancashire, England I2915
5 GRADWELL John  1798Manchester, Lancashire, England I3094
6 GRADWELL John Edward  May 1862Manchester, Lancashire, England I2918
7 GRADWELL Julia  1864Manchester, Lancashire, England I4009
8 GRADWELL Lydia  1868Manchester, Lancashire, England I5545
9 GRADWELL Stephen  18 Nov 1846Manchester, Lancashire, England I5069
10 GRADWELL William  Jul 1793Manchester, Lancashire, England I3136
11 GRADWELL William  Abt 1856Manchester, Lancashire, England I3057
12 GRADWELL William  6 May 1905Manchester, Lancashire, England I3707
13 HARTLEY Mary  18 Dec 1851Manchester, Lancashire, England I5611


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 GRADWELL Moses S  7 Apr 1861Manchester, Lancashire, England I2031


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BOWER / GRADWELL  27 Mar 1880Manchester, Lancashire, England F1490
2 GRADWELL / BOOTH  1869Manchester, Lancashire, England F3528
3 GRADWELL / BROMLEY  1857Manchester, Lancashire, England F3603
4 GRADWELL / COOKE  1895Manchester, Lancashire, England F4054
5 GRADWELL / SHELDON  7 Feb 1836Manchester, Lancashire, England F1488
6 GRADWELL / TAYLOR  2 May 1814Manchester, Lancashire, England F1812
7 GRADWELL / WRIGLEY  18 Jan 1808Manchester, Lancashire, England F1542
8 HALL / GRADWELL  31 Jul 1836Manchester, Lancashire, England F1533
9 SPEARS / GRADWELL  15 Mar 1846Manchester, Lancashire, England F1522