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Leicester, Leicestershire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BROADHURST Ada  1876Leicester, Leicestershire, England I5259
2 GRADWELL Anne Elizabeth  Abt 1869Leicester, Leicestershire, England I5384
3 GRADWELL Annie  1907Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6698
4 GRADWELL Arthur  Jul 1880Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3947
5 GRADWELL Cornelius  1877Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3946
6 GRADWELL Daisy  Abt 1876Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3945
7 GRADWELL Doris  Abt 1906Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6046
8 GRADWELL Edith  Mar 1891Leicester, Leicestershire, England I5269
9 GRADWELL Ernest Victor  13 Dec 1903Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6696
10 GRADWELL Hilda Marguerite  Abt 1908Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6047
11 GRADWELL Ida Irene  Abt 1909Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6048
12 GRADWELL John  1893Leicester, Leicestershire, England I5521
13 GRADWELL Kate  1873Leicester, Leicestershire, England I5538
14 GRADWELL Kate  Abt Dec 1902Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6050
15 GRADWELL Kate  31 May 1904Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6045
16 GRADWELL Kate Millicent  1889Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6040
17 GRADWELL Kathleen Mary  Sep 1910Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6049
18 GRADWELL Lillian May  20 Jun 1908Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6697
19 GRADWELL Lillie Belle  Abt 1888Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6037
20 GRADWELL Lizzie  Abt 1876Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4649
21 GRADWELL Rose  21 Feb 1872Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3944
22 GRADWELL Violet  Jul 1870Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3943
23 HIGGINSON Albert  Abt 1873Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6700
24 JOHNSON Kate  22 Jun 1878Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6033
25 POLE Charles Arthur  Abt 1898Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6043
26 POLE Claribel Cecilia  1881Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6042
27 POLE John Bancroft  Abt 1904Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6044
28 PRESTON Jane  Abt 1867Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6036
29 VEASEY Ann Florence  4 Apr 1878Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6695


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 DOWNING Bernard  1936Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6699
2 GRADWELL Henry Arthur  1906Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6054
3 GRADWELL Kate  1903Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6050


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 FISHER / GRADWELL  1897Leicester, Leicestershire, England F3032
2 GRADWELL / JOHNSON  1900Leicester, Leicestershire, England F3035
3 GRADWELL / JONES  1885Leicester, Leicestershire, England F2372
4 GRADWELL / PRESTON  1887Leicester, Leicestershire, England F3030
5 GRADWELL / VEASEY  1903Leicester, Leicestershire, England F3034
6 HIGGINSON / GRADWELL  1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England F3033
7 POLE / GRADWELL  1894Leicester, Leicestershire, England F3031
8 YOUNG / GRADWELL  1898Leicester, Leicestershire, England F3029