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Lancaster, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BENSON Bessie  1882Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5780
2 BENSON Edith  15 Sep 1879Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2574
3 BENSON Fanny  1882Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5781
4 BENSON Jane Ann (Jenny)  1876Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5754
5 BENSON John  Abt 1866Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5778
6 BENSON Millicent  Abt 1872Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5779
7 BENSON William  Abt 1842Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5776
8 BLUNDELL Mary  Abt 1788Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5326
9 BOOTH Charles  26 Nov 1843Lancaster, Lancashire, England I3182
10 BOOTH Mary Elizabeth  1845Lancaster, Lancashire, England I3183
11 CROFT Richard  Abt 1831Lancaster, Lancashire, England I3366
12 DICKINSON Elizabeth  1847Lancaster, Lancashire, England I3148
13 DICKINSON James  Abt 1854Lancaster, Lancashire, England I3154
14 DICKINSON Jane  Abt 1850Lancaster, Lancashire, England I3151
15 DICKINSON John  Abt 1857Lancaster, Lancashire, England I4781
16 DOBSON Anne Marshall  21 Sep 1895Lancaster, Lancashire, England I6928
17 GERRARD Hannah  Abt 1844Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5777
18 GILL Beatrice Jane  1881Lancaster, Lancashire, England I3594
19 GILL Edith Mary  1880Lancaster, Lancashire, England I3592
20 GILL Emily Margaret  1878Lancaster, Lancashire, England I3591
21 GILL Frances Helena  1884Lancaster, Lancashire, England I3593
22 GILL Mary Ann  Abt 1839Lancaster, Lancashire, England I4441
23 GRADWELL Ada  1894Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5368
24 GRADWELL Agnes Ann  1884Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5370
25 GRADWELL Alfred  1892Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5375
26 GRADWELL Anthony  1854Lancaster, Lancashire, England I3416
27 GRADWELL Anthony  1888Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5389
28 GRADWELL Christopher Edwin  1866Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5410
29 GRADWELL Edward  18 Nov 1825Lancaster, Lancashire, England I3071
30 GRADWELL Edward  Abt 1835Lancaster, Lancashire, England I4712
31 GRADWELL Eleanor  Abt 1875Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5422
32 GRADWELL Elizabeth  1869Lancaster, Lancashire, England I3421
33 GRADWELL Elizabeth  7 Apr 1881Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5401
34 GRADWELL Elizabeth  Abt 1889Lancaster, Lancashire, England I4792
35 GRADWELL Ernest  1897Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5438
36 GRADWELL Florence  1890Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5445
37 GRADWELL Florence Kate  1899Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2578
38 GRADWELL George  Abt 1893Lancaster, Lancashire, England I4793
39 GRADWELL George Thomas  8 Jul 1835Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2927
40 GRADWELL George Thomas  Abt 1850Lancaster, Lancashire, England I3398
41 GRADWELL Harold  8 Sep 1896Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5404
42 GRADWELL Hilda  1899Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5475
43 GRADWELL Isabella Wilson  1900Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5480
44 GRADWELL James  1 Jul 1825Lancaster, Lancashire, England I1932
45 GRADWELL James  21 Apr 1827Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2930
46 GRADWELL James  1858Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2584
47 GRADWELL James  1866Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5484
48 GRADWELL James  Abt 1869Lancaster, Lancashire, England I3039
49 GRADWELL Jane  Abt 1856Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5502
50 GRADWELL Jane  1896Lancaster, Lancashire, England I4794

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 BOOTH Charles  11 Feb 1844Lancaster, Lancashire, England I3182
2 GRADWELL Dorothy  6 Sep 1840Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2958
3 GRADWELL Thomas Townley  9 Nov 1856Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2572
4 GRADWELL William Hunter  24 Nov 1844Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2475


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 CATHERIN Vivian Herbert Charles  1964Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5579
2 GRADWELL Ada  1894Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5368
3 GRADWELL Anthony  1873Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2926
4 GRADWELL John  Sep 1901Lancaster, Lancashire, England I4796
5 GRADWELL Rebecca Jane  Feb 1861Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2929
6 RICHARDSON Margaret  1882Lancaster, Lancashire, England I3042


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GRADWELL James  Abt 1858Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2584
2 GRADWELL Maria  Abt 1850Lancaster, Lancashire, England I1931


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 GRADWELL / HARRISON  9 Dec 1876Lancaster, Lancashire, England F1924
2 GRADWELL / LUCAS  12 Jul 1869Lancaster, Lancashire, England F2296
3 McMULLEN / GRADWELL  1903Lancaster, Lancashire, England F4189