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Egham, Surrey, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS Elizabeth May  1895Egham, Surrey, England I1916
2 ANDERSON Elizabeth Jane  Abt 1862Egham, Surrey, England I5858
3 BARWELL John Charles  14 Mar 1890Egham, Surrey, England I5835
4 BARWELL Mary Catherine  28 May 1894Egham, Surrey, England I5838
5 BARWELL Minnie Selina  1884Egham, Surrey, England I5832
6 BARWELL Nelly Jane  6 Apr 1888Egham, Surrey, England I5834
7 BARWELL Thomas Gibson  1896Egham, Surrey, England I5839
8 BARWELL Violet Elsie  23 May 1886Egham, Surrey, England I5833
9 BLAY Selina  Abt 1826Egham, Surrey, England I4055
10 BOVINGTON Benjaman  Abt 1819Egham, Surrey, England I2645
11 BOVINGTON Benjamin  Abt 1843Egham, Surrey, England I2647
12 BOVINGTON Elizabeth  Abt 1856Egham, Surrey, England I2651
13 BOVINGTON Hannah  Abt 1822Egham, Surrey, England I2656
14 BOVINGTON Jane  Abt 1844Egham, Surrey, England I2648
15 BOVINGTON Martha  Abt 1828Egham, Surrey, England I2652
16 BOVINGTON Philip  Abt 1850Egham, Surrey, England I2650
17 BOVINGTON William  Abt 1847Egham, Surrey, England I2649
18 COOPER Alfred Charles  14 Feb 1903Egham, Surrey, England I1505
19 COOPER Edith Ada  8 Sep 1899Egham, Surrey, England I1504
20 COOPER Edith Annie  Abt 1888Egham, Surrey, England I6776
21 COOPER Ethel Mary  1886Egham, Surrey, England I6775
22 COOPER Frederick Henry  30 Jul 1892Egham, Surrey, England I1513
23 COOPER Hubert John  1895Egham, Surrey, England I5865
24 COOPER Minnie Elizabeth  1887Egham, Surrey, England I1503
25 COOPER Reginald  1898Egham, Surrey, England I5866
26 COOPER Thomas James  1892Egham, Surrey, England I5864
27 COOPER William Britton Painter  Jul 1890Egham, Surrey, England I6777
28 COOPER William Henry  Abt 1890Egham, Surrey, England I5863
29 FIELD Caroline  Abt 1825Egham, Surrey, England I1851
30 FIELD Elizabeth  Abt 1826Egham, Surrey, England I1521
31 FIELD Elizabeth  Abt 1830Egham, Surrey, England I6961
32 FIELD Helen  May 1835Egham, Surrey, England I6951
33 FIELD Mary Ann  Abt 1827Egham, Surrey, England I6954
34 FIELD Sarah  Abt 1825Egham, Surrey, England I6960
35 FRIDAY Mary Ann  1839Egham, Surrey, England I1380
36 GODFREY Ada  5 Sep 1872Egham, Surrey, England I4051
37 GODFREY Caroline  23 Mar 1865Egham, Surrey, England I1966
38 GODFREY Caroline Harriet  Jul 1860Egham, Surrey, England I4196
39 GODFREY Eliza  30 Apr 1867Egham, Surrey, England I1967
40 GODFREY Elizabeth Maria  21 Nov 1869Egham, Surrey, England I1968
41 GODFREY Henry  Abt 1827Egham, Surrey, England I1962
42 GODFREY Henry George  4 Mar 1858Egham, Surrey, England I1964
43 GODFREY Thomas Edward  1 Jan 1863Egham, Surrey, England I1965
44 GODFREY William  Abt 1824Egham, Surrey, England I1377
45 JUDD Emma  Dec 1850Egham, Surrey, England I2665
46 JUDD Hannah  Abt 1849Egham, Surrey, England I2664
47 JUDD John  Abt 1784Egham, Surrey, England I2662
48 OSWALD Charles  Abt 1854Egham, Surrey, England I6991
49 PERKINS Albert  Abt 1828Egham, Surrey, England I1752
50 PERKINS Anne  18 May 1805Egham, Surrey, England I6969

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 BLAY James  10 Mar 1845Egham, Surrey, England I5831
2 GODFREY Caroline Harriet  5 Aug 1860Egham, Surrey, England I4196
3 PERKINS Albert  18 May 1828Egham, Surrey, England I1752
4 PERKINS Catherine  26 May 1822Egham, Surrey, England I1755
5 PERKINS Charles  7 Jan 1827Egham, Surrey, England I1766
6 PERKINS Ellen  13 Oct 1825Egham, Surrey, England I2644
7 PERKINS Emma  13 Oct 1825Egham, Surrey, England I1757
8 PERKINS Jane  30 May 1830Egham, Surrey, England I2640
9 PERKINS John  20 Nov 1822Egham, Surrey, England I1520
10 PERKINS Joseph  13 Jun 1824Egham, Surrey, England I2642
11 PERKINS Mary Ann  26 May 1822Egham, Surrey, England I1756
12 PERKINS Mercy  7 Dec 1823Egham, Surrey, England I1767
13 PERKINS Robert  30 Jan 1818Egham, Surrey, England I2638
14 ROSE Alfred John  21 Feb 1878Egham, Surrey, England I1605
15 ROSE Emily  21 Feb 1878Egham, Surrey, England I1606
16 ROSE Walter William  21 Feb 1878Egham, Surrey, England I1604
17 SEARLE GODFREY Ann Harriet  16 Sep 1855Egham, Surrey, England I1516


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BRYANT Ann  Mar 1853Egham, Surrey, England I1375
2 DENNISON William  May 1844Egham, Surrey, England I1873
3 FIELD Helen  Sep 1835Egham, Surrey, England I6951
4 FRY Walter  Jan 1895Egham, Surrey, England I5829
5 GODFREY Thomas  Mar 1858Egham, Surrey, England I4052
6 JUDD Ann  May 1835Egham, Surrey, England I2636
7 PERKINS Melicent Hannah  Aug 1824Egham, Surrey, England I2643
8 PERKINS Robert  Dec 1874Egham, Surrey, England I2638


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 FRY Walter  29 Jan 1895Egham, Surrey, England I5829


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 DANIELS / PERKINS  25 Dec 1867Egham, Surrey, England F1660
2 GODFREY / SEARLE  24 Dec 1855Egham, Surrey, England F1440
3 KEECH / ROSE  6 Apr 1890Egham, Surrey, England F1172
4 PERKINS / BOVINGTON  31 May 1852Egham, Surrey, England F1295
5 PERKINS / FIELD  19 Oct 1846Egham, Surrey, England F1107