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Bradford, Yorkshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GRADWELL Arthur  1883Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4310
2 GRADWELL Arthur James  9 Jun 1872Bradford, Yorkshire, England I3708
3 GRADWELL Benjamin Robert  22 Jun 1901Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4284
4 GRADWELL Caroline  1876Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4309
5 GRADWELL Edmund  5 Mar 1839Bradford, Yorkshire, England I2768
6 GRADWELL Elizabeth  1875Bradford, Yorkshire, England I5428
7 GRADWELL Eva  Abt 1903Bradford, Yorkshire, England I5441
8 GRADWELL Hannah  Feb 1841Bradford, Yorkshire, England I2769
9 GRADWELL Henry Atkinson  1 Jul 1856Bradford, Yorkshire, England I3190
10 GRADWELL Herbert Atkinson  4 Jul 1869Bradford, Yorkshire, England I3191
11 GRADWELL Hugh  1886Bradford, Yorkshire, England I5476
12 GRADWELL James  1872Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4308
13 GRADWELL James Alexander  1869Bradford, Yorkshire, England I3838
14 GRADWELL Joseph Naylor  5 Mar 1853Bradford, Yorkshire, England I3569
15 GRADWELL Lillie Belle  2 Sep 1863Bradford, Yorkshire, England I3941
16 GRADWELL Louis  28 Sep 1894Bradford, Yorkshire, England I3196
17 GRADWELL Maria  Abt 1844Bradford, Yorkshire, England I5555
18 GRADWELL Maria  1868Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4305
19 GRADWELL Maria  22 Apr 1889Bradford, Yorkshire, England I3195
20 GRADWELL Mary Elizabeth  18 Apr 1851Bradford, Yorkshire, England I3184
21 GRADWELL Priestley  Abt 1905Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4285
22 GRADWELL Richard  1866Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4304
23 GRADWELL Ruth Ann  Jan 1899Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4281
24 GRADWELL Thomas  Sep 1870Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4306
25 GRADWELL William Cliff  28 Sep 1857Bradford, Yorkshire, England I3185
26 GRADWELL William Henry  1841Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4301
27 JONES Albert  Abt 1873Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4779
28 JONES Emily  Abt 1863Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4775
29 JONES Sarah Theresa  1864Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4778
30 MCNAMARA James  Abt 1871Bradford, Yorkshire, England I5673
31 MCNAMARA Jane  Abt 1873Bradford, Yorkshire, England I5674
32 MCNAMARA Peter  Abt 1876Bradford, Yorkshire, England I5675
33 MILNER Samuel  Abt 1815Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4300
34 OADES Edmund  Abt 1879Bradford, Yorkshire, England I3204
35 PRIESTLEY Alice  Abt 1878Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4283
36 SIMPSON Theresa  Abt 1838Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4777
37 STOTHART Louis  8 Jul 1910Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4082
38 WOOD Amon  1889Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4295
39 WOOD Annie  1887Bradford, Yorkshire, England I4294


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 GRADWELL Henry Atkinson  Dec 1856Bradford, Yorkshire, England I3190
2 GRADWELL Joseph Naylor  1857Bradford, Yorkshire, England I3569


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    EMPL    Person ID 
1 GRADWELL William Cliff  25 Nov 1877Bradford, Yorkshire, England I3185