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Bolton, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ACKERS Alice  Abt 1860Bolton, Lancashire, England I5058
2 ACKERS James  Abt 1826Bolton, Lancashire, England I5053
3 ACKERS James  Abt 1858Bolton, Lancashire, England I5057
4 ACKERS Joseph  Abt 1862Bolton, Lancashire, England I5059
5 ACKERS Martha Ellen  1874Bolton, Lancashire, England I5061
6 ACKERS Mary Ann  1870Bolton, Lancashire, England I5052
7 ACKERS Robert  Abt 1852Bolton, Lancashire, England I5055
8 ACKERS Thomas  Abt 1866Bolton, Lancashire, England I5060
9 ACKERS William  Abt 1855Bolton, Lancashire, England I5056
10 ADAMSON Elizabeth  Abt 1858Bolton, Lancashire, England I5038
11 AINSWORTH James  24 Dec 1873Bolton, Lancashire, England I6197
12 AINSWORTH Thomas  21 Feb 1902Bolton, Lancashire, England I6200
13 ATKINSON Alice  Abt 1829Bolton, Lancashire, England I5054
14 BARLOW Esther  Abt 1854Bolton, Lancashire, England I4516
15 BENTLEY Joseph William  Abt 1860Bolton, Lancashire, England I6727
16 BIRCHALL Jane  Abt 1837Bolton, Lancashire, England I4708
17 BOSTOCK Mary Ann  Abt 1857Bolton, Lancashire, England I3979
18 BROWN Martha Ann  Abt 1861Bolton, Lancashire, England I6201
19 BROWN Mary Ann  Abt 1830Bolton, Lancashire, England I4603
20 CROWSHAW Harriet Alice  Abt 1851Bolton, Lancashire, England I4498
21 FALLOWS Charlotte Alice  Abt 1878Bolton, Lancashire, England I6732
22 FALLOWS Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1870Bolton, Lancashire, England I6730
23 FALLOWS Harry  Abt 1880Bolton, Lancashire, England I6733
24 FALLOWS Maria  Abt 1873Bolton, Lancashire, England I6731
25 FALLOWS Rebecca  Abt 1876Bolton, Lancashire, England I6729
26 FALLOWS William  Abt 1847Bolton, Lancashire, England I6728
27 FLOOD Margaret  Abt 1824Bolton, Lancashire, England I4586
28 FOSTER Jane  Abt 1869Bolton, Lancashire, England I6195
29 FOSTER Mary  Abt 1871Bolton, Lancashire, England I6556
30 FULHAM Margaret Hamer  Abt 1875Bolton, Lancashire, England I5170
31 GARRATY Harriet  Abt 1853Bolton, Lancashire, England I6536
32 GRADWELL Absalom  1896Bolton, Lancashire, England I2209
33 GRADWELL Ada  Mar 1881Bolton, Lancashire, England I4577
34 GRADWELL Ada  1891Bolton, Lancashire, England I3985
35 GRADWELL Agnes  4 Oct 1884Bolton, Lancashire, England I6549
36 GRADWELL Albert  Abt 1866Bolton, Lancashire, England I4634
37 GRADWELL Alfred  11 May 1864Bolton, Lancashire, England I3756
38 GRADWELL Alfred  1886Bolton, Lancashire, England I4536
39 GRADWELL Alfred  10 Jun 1898Bolton, Lancashire, England I6159
40 GRADWELL Alice  Abt 1792Bolton, Lancashire, England I5342
41 GRADWELL Alice  Aug 1890Bolton, Lancashire, England I2376
42 GRADWELL Alice  1892Bolton, Lancashire, England I5064
43 GRADWELL Alice  1895Bolton, Lancashire, England I5172
44 GRADWELL Alice  1906Bolton, Lancashire, England I6183
45 GRADWELL Alice Hannah  Abt 1907Bolton, Lancashire, England I3089
46 GRADWELL Ann  Abt 1870Bolton, Lancashire, England I4710
47 GRADWELL Annie  1908Bolton, Lancashire, England I5388
48 GRADWELL Annie  25 Oct 1916Bolton, Lancashire, England I6185
49 GRADWELL Arthur  Oct 1880Bolton, Lancashire, England I4638
50 GRADWELL Arthur  Dec 1880Bolton, Lancashire, England I4046

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 GRADWELL Albert Edward  1912Bolton, Lancashire, England I4048
2 GRADWELL Alice  1907Bolton, Lancashire, England I6183
3 GRADWELL Arthur  1973Bolton, Lancashire, England I5391
4 GRADWELL Dorothy  14 Sep 2015Bolton, Lancashire, England I6882
5 GRADWELL Ebenezer  1868Bolton, Lancashire, England I5416
6 GRADWELL Elsie  14 Jun 1977Bolton, Lancashire, England I3909
7 GRADWELL Eric S  1926Bolton, Lancashire, England I6166
8 GRADWELL Eveline  1900Bolton, Lancashire, England I6151
9 GRADWELL Frank  30 Jun 1986Bolton, Lancashire, England I6174
10 GRADWELL Herbert  9 Aug 1903Bolton, Lancashire, England I3907
11 GRADWELL John  May 1849Bolton, Lancashire, England I5510
12 GRADWELL Joyce  2002Bolton, Lancashire, England I6886
13 GRADWELL Martha Emily  18 Jul 1955Bolton, Lancashire, England I4049
14 GRADWELL Mary Ellen  1883Bolton, Lancashire, England I5332
15 GRADWELL Robert  1893Bolton, Lancashire, England I6547
16 GRADWELL Wallace  1900Bolton, Lancashire, England I6152
17 GREGORY Maria  25 Aug 1908Bolton, Lancashire, England I4045
18 ROTHWELL Elsie  1967Bolton, Lancashire, England I6175
19 SEPHTON Edith Elizabeth  1932Bolton, Lancashire, England I6146
20 THORNLEY Ethel  Dec 1906Bolton, Lancashire, England I1817
21 THORNLEY Harriet Alice  Jun 1904Bolton, Lancashire, England I1815
22 THORNLEY John  Mar 1900Bolton, Lancashire, England I1816


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 GRADWELL Alfred  2 Apr 1911Bolton, Lancashire, England I6159


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 ASHWORTH / GRADWELL  1845Bolton, Lancashire, England F3258
2 BULLOUGH / GRADWELL  1941Bolton, Lancashire, England F4785
3 FALLOWS / GRADWELL  1869Bolton, Lancashire, England F3484
4 GRADWELL / ADAMSON  1881Bolton, Lancashire, England F2880
5 GRADWELL / AINSWORTH  1850Bolton, Lancashire, England F3262
6 GRADWELL / BOSTOCK  1877Bolton, Lancashire, England F3057
7 GRADWELL / CROMPTON  1922Bolton, Lancashire, England F4808
8 GRADWELL / DAY  1918Bolton, Lancashire, England F4282
9 GRADWELL / HIGGINSON  1896Bolton, Lancashire, England F1518
10 GRADWELL / HIGHAM  1920Bolton, Lancashire, England F2923
11 GRADWELL / KILBRIDE  Abt 1888Bolton, Lancashire, England F1764
12 GRADWELL / PARTINGTON  1922Bolton, Lancashire, England F4426
13 GRADWELL / RIGG  21 Mar 1796Bolton, Lancashire, England F3884
14 GRADWELL / ROTHWELL  1901Bolton, Lancashire, England F3495
15 GRADWELL / SMITH  1909Bolton, Lancashire, England F4128
16 GRADWELL / SUTTON  1923Bolton, Lancashire, England F4179
17 JONES / GRADWELL  1948Bolton, Lancashire, England F5345
18 THORNLEY / GRADWELL  1897Bolton, Lancashire, England F3480
19 UNSWORTH / GRADWELL  1942Bolton, Lancashire, England F4826
20 WEBB / GRADWELL  1854Bolton, Lancashire, England F4136
21 WHITEHEAD / GRADWELL  1922Bolton, Lancashire, England F1353