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Blackburn, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BUSHBY Mary  Abt 1834Blackburn, Lancashire, England I4713
2 GALLOWAY Susannah  Abt 1884Blackburn, Lancashire, England I3865
3 GRADWELL Agnes  Feb 1881Blackburn, Lancashire, England I4530
4 GRADWELL Albert Edward  22 Oct 1870Blackburn, Lancashire, England I4048
5 GRADWELL Alexander  Abt 1849Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5373
6 GRADWELL Alexander  1882Blackburn, Lancashire, England I3656
7 GRADWELL Alfred  11 Sep 1887Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5371
8 GRADWELL Alice  1843Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5377
9 GRADWELL Alice  1885Blackburn, Lancashire, England I4374
10 GRADWELL Amy Grace  1884Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5380
11 GRADWELL Annie  1902Blackburn, Lancashire, England I3868
12 GRADWELL Arthur Rowland (Roland)  9 Jan 1881Blackburn, Lancashire, England I2798
13 GRADWELL Beatrice  Feb 1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I3872
14 GRADWELL Bertha  1893Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5399
15 GRADWELL Blanche  Abt 1887Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5405
16 GRADWELL Catherine Jane  6 Oct 1888Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5407
17 GRADWELL Doris  Abt 1906Blackburn, Lancashire, England I3869
18 GRADWELL Edith Mary Agnes  Dec 1880Blackburn, Lancashire, England I4511
19 GRADWELL Elizabeth A  Abt 1874Blackburn, Lancashire, England I4528
20 GRADWELL Elizabeth Alice  1906Blackburn, Lancashire, England I6012
21 GRADWELL Ethel Jenny  1882Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5440
22 GRADWELL Ethel Jenny  1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5439
23 GRADWELL Florence Temperance  1895Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5446
24 GRADWELL Frederick  1877Blackburn, Lancashire, England I3898
25 GRADWELL Herbert  16 Jul 1886Blackburn, Lancashire, England I2799
26 GRADWELL James  Abt 1883Blackburn, Lancashire, England I4531
27 GRADWELL Jane  1885Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5504
28 GRADWELL John Robert  1873Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5229
29 GRADWELL John Robert  Jan 1881Blackburn, Lancashire, England I4372
30 GRADWELL Joseph  1875Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5532
31 GRADWELL Joseph  22 Apr 1880Blackburn, Lancashire, England I3899
32 GRADWELL Joseph  1898Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5534
33 GRADWELL Joseph  1904Blackburn, Lancashire, England I6011
34 GRADWELL Katie  1893Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5539
35 GRADWELL Lettice  1859Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5542
36 GRADWELL Lettice  1872Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5541
37 GRADWELL Martha Emily  17 Apr 1873Blackburn, Lancashire, England I4049
38 GRADWELL Mary Ann  1875Blackburn, Lancashire, England I3897
39 GRADWELL Mary Ellen  Abt 1883Blackburn, Lancashire, England I4373
40 GRADWELL Percy Stephen  Abt 1879Blackburn, Lancashire, England I4508
41 GRADWELL Richard  1857Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5681
42 GRADWELL Robert  1878Blackburn, Lancashire, England I4529
43 GRADWELL Sarah Ann  1865Blackburn, Lancashire, England I4320
44 GRADWELL Thomas  1841Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5716
45 GRADWELL Tom  1888Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5731
46 GRADWELL William  1839Blackburn, Lancashire, England I4035
47 GRADWELL William  1887Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5741
48 GRADWELL William  1903Blackburn, Lancashire, England I6013
49 HEYWOOD Maria  Abt 1804Blackburn, Lancashire, England I3935
50 PRICE Anne  Abt 1806Blackburn, Lancashire, England I4804

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 GRADWELL Joseph  2 May 1880Blackburn, Lancashire, England I3899
2 GRADWELL Martha Emily  14 May 1873Blackburn, Lancashire, England I4049


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 GRADWELL Alexander  Abt 1850Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5373
2 GRADWELL Alfred  Jun 1888Blackburn, Lancashire, England I5371
3 GRADWELL William  1903Blackburn, Lancashire, England I6013


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 GRADWELL / PARKINGTON  27 Mar 1875Blackburn, Lancashire, England F2993
2 NIGHTINGALE / CHADWICK  22 Dec 1853Blackburn, Lancashire, England F3369
3 WHALLEY / JACKSON  1844Blackburn, Lancashire, England F3844