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Birmingham, Warwickshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AVERY Annie  Abt 1898Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2675
2 AVERY Aubery  Abt 1868Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1927
3 AVERY Aubrey  Feb 1901Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2676
4 AVERY Emily  13 Nov 1892Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1928
5 AVERY William Aubery  Abt 1895Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1929
6 BROWNE Bertha  Abt 1898Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I5980
7 BROWNE Jane Ann  1869Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I819
8 BROWNE Marie  Jul 1900Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I5981
9 BROWNE Samuel Henry  1866Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1509
10 BROWNE Sarah Ann  1871Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1510
11 BROWNE Thomas  1877Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1579
12 BROWNE (BROWN) Charlotte Mary  12 Oct 1873Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I98
13 COLEY Albert  Abt 1882Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1994
14 COLEY Ann  Jan 1891Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2686
15 COLEY Caroline  Abt 1883Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2685
16 COLEY Clara Elizabeth  1872Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1648
17 COLEY Elizabeth  Abt 1879Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2939
18 COLEY George  Abt 1889Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1995
19 COLEY William  Abt 1850Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1703
20 COOPER Eliza  Abt 1838Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I3499
21 DAVIS Sarah Ann  Abt 1851Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I6432
22 DRUDY Ann  Abt 1866Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2370
23 DRUDY Ellen  Abt 1867Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2371
24 DRUDY Margaret  26 Aug 1863Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2369
25 DRUDY Mary  1862Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2368
26 GRADWELL Alexandria  1863Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I788
27 GRADWELL Anne  10 Mar 1863Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2330
28 GRADWELL Arthur  Abt 1863Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I5390
29 GRADWELL Caroline  4 Apr 1868Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2331
30 GRADWELL Catherine (Kate)  1869Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I789
31 GRADWELL Charles  Abt 1905Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1548
32 GRADWELL Clara  11 Jul 1905Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1707
33 GRADWELL Denis K  19 Aug 1928Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1616
34 GRADWELL Edward  13 May 1899Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1546
35 GRADWELL Edward George  1 Sep 1893Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1704
36 GRADWELL Elenor Helen Honora  1 Oct 1860Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1578
37 GRADWELL George  3 Feb 1862Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1688
38 GRADWELL James  Abt 1855Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1745
39 GRADWELL James  1 Jun 1856Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I786
40 GRADWELL Jane  Abt 1858Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1747
41 GRADWELL John Ernest  Abt 1909Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1549
42 GRADWELL Kate  20 Jul 1903Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1706
43 GRADWELL Kathleen M  Oct 1924Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I183
44 GRADWELL Margaret Eleanor  1865Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I3510
45 GRADWELL Mary  Abt 1855Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2019
46 GRADWELL Mary Ann  21 Apr 1859Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1641
47 GRADWELL Mary Ann  Dec 1860Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1749
48 GRADWELL Nellie  26 Apr 1898Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1545
49 GRADWELL Robert  21 May 1855Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1742
50 GRADWELL Ruth  8 Oct 1857Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I787

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 AVERY William Aubery  2 Jun 1895Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1929
2 BROWNE Jane Ann  27 Jan 1869Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I819
3 GRADWELL Clara  26 Jul 1905Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1707
4 GRADWELL Edward George  3 Jun 1894Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1704
5 GRADWELL Kate  2 Aug 1903Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1706


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 GRADWELL Albert  1980Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1899
2 GRADWELL Anne  1888Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2330
3 GRADWELL Arthur  1865Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I5390
4 GRADWELL Dorothy Jane (Dolly)  18 Jan 1992Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I101
5 MARSHALL Charles  1884Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I6439
6 TIMBRELL Lucy M  1985Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I5843
7 WHEELER Albert  1905Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1879
8 WHEELER Minnie Alexandra  1903Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1878


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 NALAN Eleanor  29 Oct 1854Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1086


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BROWNE (BROWN) Charlotte Mary  5 Apr 1891Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I98


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 GRADWELL / BAYLISS  17 Feb 1895Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F561
2 GRADWELL / COLEY  15 Nov 1891Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F563
3 GRADWELL / NALAN  30 Aug 1853Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F789
4 GRADWELL / NEYLON  11 Aug 1858Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F1249
5 MARSHALL / BROWNE (BROWN)  2 Oct 1911Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F585
6 NEILD / GRADWELL  26 Feb 1871Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F1277
7 WHEELER / HADLEY  1901Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F1253