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Preston, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARNES Alice  Oct 1860Preston, Lancashire, England I4952
2 BARNES James  Abt 1832Preston, Lancashire, England I4951
3 BARNES Mary Jane  1863Preston, Lancashire, England I4953
4 BELL Hugh  Abt 1854Preston, Lancashire, England I4954
5 BUTCHER Elizabeth Emily  1870Preston, Lancashire, England I3624
6 CATTERALL Sarah  Abt 1834Preston, Lancashire, England I4724
7 CLARE Charles  1841Preston, Lancashire, England I3925
8 CLARE Wilson  Abt 1810Preston, Lancashire, England I3924
9 GRADWELL (John Henry) Herbert  17 Nov 1875Preston, Lancashire, England I4327
10 GRADWELL Albert Ernest  10 Sep 1877Preston, Lancashire, England I4338
11 GRADWELL Alice  Abt 1854Preston, Lancashire, England I2387
12 GRADWELL Amy Pauline  1 Jul 1882Preston, Lancashire, England I4335
13 GRADWELL Ann  Abt 1843Preston, Lancashire, England I2385
14 GRADWELL Annie  1906Preston, Lancashire, England I5387
15 GRADWELL Annie (Hannah)  Abt 1879Preston, Lancashire, England I3769
16 GRADWELL Catherine (Kate)  Abt 1855Preston, Lancashire, England I3674
17 GRADWELL Charles Frederick  1866Preston, Lancashire, England I3891
18 GRADWELL Edward  1873Preston, Lancashire, England I5418
19 GRADWELL Edward L  Jan 1881Preston, Lancashire, England I4525
20 GRADWELL Edwin Ethel Albertus  1879Preston, Lancashire, England I5420
21 GRADWELL Elizabeth  1837Preston, Lancashire, England I5423
22 GRADWELL Elizabeth  1848Preston, Lancashire, England I5424
23 GRADWELL Elizabeth  Abt 1853Preston, Lancashire, England I5425
24 GRADWELL Elizabeth  1859Preston, Lancashire, England I5426
25 GRADWELL Ellen  1886Preston, Lancashire, England I4684
26 GRADWELL Ellen Ann  1873Preston, Lancashire, England I4474
27 GRADWELL Emma Lucy  1854Preston, Lancashire, England I4870
28 GRADWELL Emma Lucy  1877Preston, Lancashire, England I3894
29 GRADWELL Fanny (Frances)  Abt 1825Preston, Lancashire, England I5785
30 GRADWELL Florence Beatrice  Abt 1880Preston, Lancashire, England I4334
31 GRADWELL Florry  1902Preston, Lancashire, England I5447
32 GRADWELL Frederick  Abt 1900Preston, Lancashire, England I5449
33 GRADWELL Henry  Abt 1813Preston, Lancashire, England I4888
34 GRADWELL Henry  1870Preston, Lancashire, England I2060
35 GRADWELL James  1847Preston, Lancashire, England I2386
36 GRADWELL James  1847Preston, Lancashire, England I4945
37 GRADWELL James  Abt 1851Preston, Lancashire, England I4526
38 GRADWELL James  1863Preston, Lancashire, England I4676
39 GRADWELL James  1873Preston, Lancashire, England I2381
40 GRADWELL James  1897Preston, Lancashire, England I5490
41 GRADWELL Jane  Abt 1820Preston, Lancashire, England I4905
42 GRADWELL Jane  Sep 1840Preston, Lancashire, England I2389
43 GRADWELL Jane  1867Preston, Lancashire, England I3892
44 GRADWELL Jane  1902Preston, Lancashire, England I5505
45 GRADWELL Jane Ann  1859Preston, Lancashire, England I4878
46 GRADWELL Jane Ann  1859Preston, Lancashire, England I5507
47 GRADWELL John  Abt 1814Preston, Lancashire, England I4872
48 GRADWELL John  Abt 1821Preston, Lancashire, England I2742
49 GRADWELL John  1845Preston, Lancashire, England I3888
50 GRADWELL John  1860Preston, Lancashire, England I5515

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GRADWELL John  22 Jan 1872Preston, Lancashire, England I4872
2 GRADWELL Lawrence  1892Preston, Lancashire, England I4460
3 GRADWELL Margaret Mary Lilian  1882Preston, Lancashire, England I4331


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GRADWELL John  Abt 1847Preston, Lancashire, England I3888
2 GRADWELL Richard  Abt 1827Preston, Lancashire, England I3243


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BELL / GRADWELL  1874Preston, Lancashire, England F1776
2 BUTCHER / GRADWELL  20 Aug 1868Preston, Lancashire, England F2771
3 CARR / GRADWELL  26 May 1823Preston, Lancashire, England F4854
4 GRADWELL / CLARKSON  24 Jan 1835Preston, Lancashire, England F3789
5 GRADWELL / CROMPTON  1875Preston, Lancashire, England F3345
6 GRADWELL / DUCKETT  1871Preston, Lancashire, England F1770
7 GRADWELL / GRIME  7 Nov 1891Preston, Lancashire, England F3626
8 GRADWELL / HINDLE  6 Aug 1836Preston, Lancashire, England F3454
9 GRADWELL / MCDERMOT  1862Preston, Lancashire, England F3448
10 GRADWELL / TOMLINSON  1874Preston, Lancashire, England F3459
11 GRADWELL / TOWERS  1867Preston, Lancashire, England F1775
12 GRADWELL / WESTHEAD  1847Preston, Lancashire, England F3835