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Liverpool, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 APPLETON Edward  Abt 1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4751
2 APPLETON Edward Richard  Abt 1864Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4750
3 APPLETON Emily  Abt 1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4748
4 APPLETON Henry Edward  Abt 1834Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4744
5 APPLETON Mary  1858Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4747
6 APPLETON Mary Ann  Abt 1831Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4740
7 BALL Alice  Abt 1867Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4909
8 BALL Catherine  Abt 1860Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4907
9 BALL James  Abt 1822Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3771
10 BALL Mary Ellen  Abt 1845Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3770
11 BALL William  Abt 1863Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4908
12 BARNES Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1862Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5275
13 CONNOLLY Charlotte  Abt 1824Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5263
14 CROFT Margaret  Abt 1858Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3373
15 CROFT Richard  Abt 1858Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3372
16 CROFT Robert  Abt 1856Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3371
17 DAVIES Eliza  Abt 1800Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3645
18 DELANEY Gertrude Catherine  3 Apr 1887Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3661
19 DELANEY Peter  Abt 1866Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3662
20 DELANEY Peter Francis  8 Aug 1891Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3665
21 DELANEY Richard Patrick  27 Jun 1889Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3664
22 GILLESPIE John  Abt 1854Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4916
23 GILLESPIE John  Aug 1880Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4917
24 GRADWELL Albert  Abt 1891Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5392
25 GRADWELL Alice Mary  9 Jun 1869Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3655
26 GRADWELL Arthur  1897Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5394
27 GRADWELL Arthur Johnson  2 Jan 1878Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4619
28 GRADWELL Arthur Stanley  1870Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2544
29 GRADWELL Bertha S  Abt 1877Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2944
30 GRADWELL Charles Edward  1879Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3719
31 GRADWELL Edith  Abt 1895Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5393
32 GRADWELL Elizabeth  Dec 1838Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3119
33 GRADWELL Elizabeth  1881Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3720
34 GRADWELL Elizabeth Ellen  Abt 1879Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3886
35 GRADWELL Elizabeth Ruth  Abt 1852Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5431
36 GRADWELL Ellen  Abt 1825Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2898
37 GRADWELL Florence Margaret  21 Oct 1892Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5397
38 GRADWELL Frank  Abt 1880Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4620
39 GRADWELL George  13 Dec 1867Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3682
40 GRADWELL Harriet Adeline  Abt 1855Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2989
41 GRADWELL Harry  18 Aug 1874Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4617
42 GRADWELL Henry  1889Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3721
43 GRADWELL Isabella  Abt 1875Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3724
44 GRADWELL James  1840Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3118
45 GRADWELL James  1842Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2541
46 GRADWELL James  Abt 1878Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4818
47 GRADWELL James Herbert  Abt 1867Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5499
48 GRADWELL John  1837Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5508
49 GRADWELL John  1844Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2046
50 GRADWELL John Alfred  Abt 1875Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3885

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GRADWELL Arthur Stanley  1874Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2544
2 GRADWELL Eliza  1867Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3647
3 GRADWELL Elizabeth  Abt 1839Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3119
4 GRADWELL Rhoda Winifred  14 Jan 1940Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5885


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CROFT / SMITH  1855Liverpool, Lancashire, England F2568
2 GRADWELL / DAVIES  12 Mar 1826Liverpool, Lancashire, England F2787
3 GRADWELL / HODGKINSON  11 Feb 1836Liverpool, Lancashire, England F1738
4 GRADWELL / TAYLOR  1895Liverpool, Lancashire, England F2789