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Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England



Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHARNOCK Ann  Abt 1847Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I4548
2 CHARNOCK James  Abt 1840Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I5870
3 CHARNOCK John  Abt 1854Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I5872
4 CHARNOCK Mary  Abt 1845Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I5873
5 CHARNOCK Teresa  Abt 1852Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I5871
6 DAVIES Margaret Heaton  1883Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I3432
7 GRADWELL Ellen  1886Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I5139
8 GRADWELL James  Abt 1848Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I3239
9 GRADWELL James  1858Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I4124
10 GRADWELL James Knowles  Jan 1885Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I3422
11 GRADWELL John  1868Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I4539
12 GRADWELL John  Dec 1870Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I4549
13 GRADWELL John  1882Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I3425
14 GRADWELL Joseph  1850Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I3231
15 GRADWELL Joseph  Oct 1860Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I4125
16 GRADWELL Margaret  1880Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I3429
17 GRADWELL Margaret Elizabeth  1886Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I3423
18 GRADWELL Margaret Gertrude  Aug 1890Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I5137
19 GRADWELL Theresa  1855Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I4123
20 GRADWELL Thomas  Abt 1845Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I3238
21 GRADWELL Thomas  1852Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I4128
22 GRADWELL Thomas  Abt 1853Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I4555
23 GRADWELL Thomas Knowles  1892Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I3431
24 GRADWELL William  1889Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I3430
25 HALSALL Henry  Abt 1846Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I5887
26 HEATON Margery  Abt 1856Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I3523
27 HEATON Martha  Abt 1860Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I3524
28 KNOWLES Margaret  Abt 1848Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I3424
29 MASSAM Henry  Abt 1842Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I6251
30 OLVERSON Jane  Abt 1845Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I4538
31 RIMMER Thomas  Oct 1860Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I4135
32 RIMMER William  Abt 1838Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I4134
33 SERJEANT Martha  Abt 1891Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I3526
34 SERJEANT William  Abt 1862Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I3525
35 TAYLOR Mary  Abt 1864Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I2462
36 YOUNG James  Feb 1871Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I5876
37 YOUNG John  Abt 1870Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I5875


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GRADWELL James Knowles  Feb 1885Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I3422
2 GRADWELL Thomas  14 Mar 1896Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England I4121